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Hi, I'm Shah!

I'm an international multimedia designer and communications specialist with more than 5 years of experience in corporate content marketing, graphic design, brand development, and media management.

Life, study and work have taken me across 7 different countries, making me a major third culture kid with strong communication skills, technical know-how, and a fascination for design around the globe.


I’ve had the opportunity to work in:


  • A grassroots non-profit platform for youth empowerment

  • An international display branding agency

  • Various interactive & entertainment arts projects featuring film and games

  • Digital products for service providers in finance, audio-visuals, publishing and media management in education

Whether it's educating customers, supporting a cause, or transforming a venue, I create dynamic online and on-site assets, copy and vibrant vibes for brands looking to maximize engagement and drive action across all their channels.

My goal is to create branded content with meaning and movement using unconventional mediums, and tell compelling stories in our hybridized and ever-evolving world of games, video, digital platforms and spaces.

Connect with me, and let's collaborate!


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