The past decade, family, education, and work have moved me around the world. From the Middle East, South East Asia, and now North America, I'm a third culture kid with a knack for multimedia design, and thinking outside the box. 

I’ve had the opportunity to work closely with grassroots non-profits, an international display branding agency, and service providers in finance, audio-visuals, publishing and media management for education.

In our hybridized and ever-evolving world of games, video, software, and e-commerce, I create visual assets for brands looking to maximize their channels, engage their audience and drive action. Whether it's launching a product, educating, supporting a cause, or enhancing a venue, I have successfully branded and produced material spanning from print, screen, sound, and space.


I love crafting vibrant vibes that have meaning and movement through different mediums, and use them to tell dynamic and powerful stories.

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